Gallery 1

 These acrylic paintings were painted in situ. Colour, atmosphere, light and shade are my concerns, but the paint itself  is the inspiration. I love the act of painting, mixing colours and applying the paint to the flat surface. Hopefully, in time I'd like to develop how I use paint.  Each painting tells a story - memories of a day in a life.  I often re-visit a  painting that I have done after it's been on the wall for some months. I  re-paint areas and sometimes change the colours. The reason for further work is to reinforce and express the memories of the image and play with the colours and brushmarks.

Horses & Dragonflies Millbarn Pond Grange-over-Sands View Tulips

Lancaster Canal 12 x 12 "Moonshadow" acrylic 24x18 "Pink Canal" acrylic 36x12

"Walton le Dale" acrylic 12x12

'The night Lounge'  Acrylic "Windy Water " acrylic 16x16 "Damp Cut" acrylic  24x20 "Graffiti Sky" acrylic 24x20