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Andromeda BroochesGalaxy BroochesOrbit Brooches

An inner circle with wire ellipse and a scattering of bead particles
Comet Brooch in violetGalaxy Brooch in limeAndromeda Brooch in TurquoiseBigBang Brooch in violet


These unique and eye-catching pendants can be worn during the day or evening. They are individually handmade and available in a wide range of colours and designs.

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Orion PendantEarth Pendant

Heart-shaped Jupiter mixes two wire colours
Venus Pendant
Venus Pendant in champagnePluto PendantMars Pendant
Asteroid in silver & champagne Jupiter PendantSaturn Pendant

All earrings have sterling silver ear wire.
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Comet HeartSpiral TwistSpiral Loopy in blueComet Earrings

Curly loops of wire in lots of colours, with assorted beads and pearls
Nebula EarringsSpiral SquiggleComet Earrings in limeSpiral Deco


This bangle is ideal for a wedding or special occasion. It's sophisticated and attractive, but light and easy to wear. It clings and can be curved to fit any wrist shape. To make them, I use copper, silver and gold wire, with a wide range of pearls, glass beads and crystal. Each piece has a colour theme that will coordinate with an outfit or accessory.

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Gold bangle with shell and pearlsSilver BanglesGold Bangle

Greens and blues on a silver frame
Gold BangleGold BangleSilver Bangle with purple shades

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