"My aim is to keep the work new, fresh and exciting in a lively, creative way."

I first started 'drawing' with copper wire and 'playing' with different gauges. What really inspired me, however, and continues to do so, was working in colour. My wire and bead box became a painter's palette. These adventurous experiments had a simple rule - no pattern, no jig or template - just a length of wire and my imagination. In order to enjoy the making, it is essential that each piece is different and the work spontaneous. As in painting: composition, balance, texture, colour contrast and harmony are important to me. Designing new motifs, inventing new techniques and finding exciting colour combinations are my main concerns. I stitch, join, bind, weave, scrunch and layer the wires, etc. Beads, pearls, shells, stones, glass, crystal, metal, leather, recycled jewellery and sentimental trinkets are used to make a contemporary piece. An inherent quality of wire is its extraordinary reflective surface. In the light, it glistens and ripples like surface water. I manipulate the wire to maximise this quality. When worn, this eye-catching and colourful jewellery elicits favourable comment and attracts much interest. Increasingly, jewellery made in materials other than the traditional fine metals and precious stones, has become part of the New Jewellery Movement of the 21st Century.

©wackywire/Linda Hull