I've been drawing and trying to paint with wire for a while now. These creations are inspired by people I've sketched and funny quotes.

Here, I've tried to mimic the colours & patterns found in the handmade beads. The lamp worked beads are made by Claire at www.clasibeads.co.uk

New Curly brooch with wooden donut beads

A heart pendant, 'Lace' in white matt wire with small blue pearls

Cufflinks for men (?) or women (?)

   A recent interpretation of the Galaxy brooch

Comet brooches

More shoe brooches - lots of styles

Dress Rings in a wide range of vivid colours and sizes

Wiccle Wacky Pendant on leather thong with matching earrings

Wiccle Wacky for teens

Wiccle Wacky for 'liccle' people

Kiltpin fastener for knitted garments

A supanova comb design - painting in wire

June 2007 - Enjoyed mixing wire colours in these Jupiter pendants

Orbit Brooch -love the lime green. May 2007

Sept 06 - I've had great fun making these brooches (pot)

August 06 - I like the icy colours and textures in this bangle

NEW IDEAS  - Recycling old gold and silver. Spot the gold earring?



©wackywire/Linda Hull