The Supanova Collection is special. It is design-led and different: definitely not "High Street". I like to incorporate recycled gold and silver, vintage beads, freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal and gemstones. I love working with colour and enjoy "painting" with the wire.

Supanova Galaxy Brooch
A Galaxy brooch in gold wire with gemstones and fresh water pearls



Coloured wire incorporating vintage beads,
recycled gold, silver with selected stones
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Supanova Neptune Pendants

Supanova Neptune
Supanova Neptune PendantSupanova Neptune


"Painting with coloured wires"

These eye-catching and innovative bangle designs can be moulded to fit any shaped wrist or arm. They feel extremely light and easy to wear and look stunning. Each piece is a "work of art" and aimed at the buyer seeking the unique.
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Green BanglePink BangleBlue BangleCopper Bangle

Lime, green and champagne wire with
assorted green and gold beads
Supanova multi-coloured bangleSupanova Silver Bangle

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